Countdown Capital: The world’s newest deep tech VC firm, with a unique in-house ethics platform

I will never forget the summer of 2017. I’m a huge tennis fan, and that summer, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal battled back from injury and old age to re-emerge as multiple grand slam champions. It was also the summer I almost joined a monastery in Nepal to become a monk.

My fascination with monastic lifestyles stemmed from my passion for philosophy — which has become core to my identity since I first studied philosophy in college. My areas of interest were well defined at the time: philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and machine ethics. Though I considered pursuing…

Countdown Capital, Fund I

Four months ago (after twice as many months planning), I officially launched the fundraise for our first fund at Countdown Capital, a VC firm investing in pre-seed and seed stage deep tech founders. Since we raised below $15m for our first fund, it qualified as a “nano” fund. You can read more about our launch at Countdown Capital and our thesis here.

It’s now April 2021; and, although we still have a small bit left to raise, we’re basically done! My team and I are wrapping up a relatively short raise, after taking tons of meetings and experiencing some highs…

Countdown Capital is a $5m pre-seed and seed stage fund investing in deep tech founders committed to machine ethics. If the Countdown platform excites you, please apply to be an LP here!

Earlier this week after I formally launched Countdown Capital, my team and I were lucky enough to receive messages from over fifty founders seeking funding, intros, nuggets of advice, or simply just someone to talk to. However, while our team initially tried to keep up with our Twitter DMs and pointed folks to our emails, it quickly became apparent to us that founders weren’t necessarily looking for an email reply. In reality, they wanted a conversation with quick responses and a sense of intimacy, especially when they were asking for time-sensitive advice. …

Jai Malik

General Partner at Countdown Capital. Former PM turned investor. Reach me at or on Twitter @Jai__Malik

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